Redefine customer loyalty and memberships with Web3.

Use our platform to create customized membership programs that maximizes the lifetime value of your customers.


Boost loyalty

Drive deep engagement and customer loyalty with exclusive, unlockable content and access.

Tier-based memberships

Issue dynamic memberships with benefits that grow with spending & usage.

Enable ownership

A paradigm shift in membership - allow your customers to spend to own and monetize on their brand loyalty.

Unlock partnerships

Set up cross-brand partnerships and promotion with ease - expand your pool of customers immediately.


Live Programs


Ecosystem Partners


End Customers

Create memberships with exclusive rewards that grow with spend

Self-served portal to launch NFT-based memberships with exclusive benefits.

Create tier-based memberships with upgradable benefits, based on real-world usage and spending.

Enhance customer experience without adding business friction

Integrate with social logins and fiat payment to reduce friction for mass adoption.

Proprietary NFT verification and composable modules to seamlessly integrate NFTs into your existing POS, CRM, and tech stacks.

Launch effective promotional campaigns by leveraging unique customer insights

Portal to monitor real-time membership usage across all distribution channels.

Leverage data insights to easily offer cross-brand promotion with participating partners.

Brand Memberships & Loyalty Programs

Create NFT-powered memberships that reshapes the reward mechanics between all stakeholders; allow your customers to truly own your membership and become an active spokesperson for your brand.

See how Starbucks is using NFTs to further augment their loyalty program ↗


Events & Conferences

Easily issue NFT tickets that spark. Users will have the same experience in buying traditional tickets, but with all the added benefits and digital experience offered by NFTs.

See how Australian Open (Tennis) improved fan engagement with Web3 ↗


Sports Leagues

Beyond digital memorabilia and seasonal tickets, decentralize ownership & decision-making power in a sports team by issuing NFTs with governance rights.

See how Big3 basketball league is using NFTs to decentralize team ownership ↗

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Leverage Moongate’s technology to redefine membership and customer loyalty.

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